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Biological Concrete Shows Promise for Sustainable Architecture and Creeps Me Out!

February 22, 2013

I am all for sustainability and innovation, especially when they lead to practical solutions to modern day environmental problems.  Sometimes, though, the growing pains are quite literally more than I would be willing to bear.  Honestly, how is this building with yesterdays salad stuck to its elevation any better, or more sustainable than the ivy covered house in the previous post.  I am pretty sure the Ivy absorbs plenty of “atmospheric CO2” and I expect that with a little effort it could be made to grow with abandon on every building in New York City.    Unless I have been mistaken and this is not an attempt at living growing architecture, but really a vertical composting operation.  Innovation or not, it creeps me out.  Give me the Ivy any day.


Wish I’d a done it!

July 10, 2012

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What would you call this;  sustainable, green, high design, trendy, rustic, maybe vernacular?  Mostly I would call it beautiful.  This project is designed with utterly single minded focus around two functions.  One of them is the collection and storage of water and the other is cooling, natural or otherwise.  The fact that the building is energy efficient and serves as an outpatient health clinic becomes almost irrelevant, taken for granted in the face of such resolute purpose of design.  The place could as easily be a house, barn, shop, or school room.  Whatever the final purpose, it will be cool and have water.  Rare, indeed, is the project with a program so simple as to beget such an elegant solution, and by the way, it was commissioned by a sophisticated collaboration between government and charitable organizations, not exactly what I would term “real people.”  There must be a lesson here?

You can read about project details here.