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Light as art leads to art as light.

September 6, 2012

An important service that an architect provides is one the cannot be measured. It has to do with making connections. Connections that can best be made if one has built up, through education and experience, a large stockpile of references.  If measurement were possible the value placed on architect’s work might increase substantially . Recently the emphasis on sustainability has taken over the collective psyche. It has become the rage in all things political and even moral as if we have suddenly made some new discovery.  Architects, though, know that their profession is not referred to as a “practice” for nothing.  Discovery is, rather,  revealed through proficiency built up over time by a continual process of repetition, precedent and perfection.

Spanish Solar Pailion

This is not to criticize or imply that some wonderful work is not in progress.  On the contrary exciting projects like the Spanish Solar Pavilion are happening everywhere.  Touted as “Genius Design” it is an experimental project designed to limit interior summer heat gain,  maximize solar exposure required for the photovoltaic installation, maintain quality interior light and views and that says nothing about how fantastic, in all senses of the word, it looks.   It is pre-fabricated too!

Tower of Shadows by Le Corbusier, Chandigarh, India, 1951-1965

As one who has personally seen it, I wonder if  Le Corbusier’s “Shadow Tower” is related enough to share the title of genius.  It would appear that light as a source of art has finally lead to art as a source of light.  Do I have another case of “Inverse Architecture?