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From dated to stylized?

June 6, 2012

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Just take a look at the HGTV program “House Hunters” if you want some insight into the style sense of most people.  If a property is “dated” on the interior, the house hunter cannot exit fast enough.  Very few have the ability to look beyond the label.  White appliances, a standard and true classic,  are enough to send a potential buyer scurrying to the nearest new development in search of the current favorite, stainless steel.

Amazingly, many home owners do not apply the same logic to the exterior.  This home owner faced with a circa 1980 “Post Modern” style condo went happily off and bought a house full of “traditional” furnishing, without the least thought of the house’s architectural style.  Any architect with an interiors department would have directed this homeowner toward color blocked, modern furniture with a post modern flair.  It would have taken this condo from dated to stylized.

House photos courtesy of Weichert. 
Furniture store photo used under Creative Commons.