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Escapee from the remodeler’s un-improvement.

June 14, 2012

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Is there such a thing as an “Endangered Species Act” for houses?  If so, this place should be put on it now.  How rare?  A 1950’s vintage retro house that has miraculously escaped the home remodeler’s un-improvement.  A family of 5 could move into this house “as is” and live comfortably by all of today’s standards.  Whoever buys the place might want to meet with an architect to see about returning some of the finishes to their original design.  Check out the ceiling light in the kitchen.  It has to be original.  Here are some ideas for furnishings.

House photos courtesy of Weichert.

Arn’t they expensive?

October 18, 2011

I was at a party talking with a woman who I had just met.  She was lamenting all the time and travel required to select finishes for her brand new custom home.  I asked her if she had hired an architect for the project.  “Oh no,” she answered.  When I followed up with the requisite, “why not?”  She gave me a blank look and continued, “arn’t they expensive?”  “How could an architect help with finishes?”

I didn’t bother to enlighten her.