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House or catamaran?

January 29, 2012

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In order to  increase the interior living space, many old house owners are tempted to enclose a front porch, an effort that seldom works.  Here the owners worked overtime.  Not only was the porch enclosed, but it double in size,  and centering the new front door only emphasized the offset location of the main house.  It looks like the house was added to the porch,  not the other way around.  I am left to wonder who advises home owners that this type of remodel will net positive results.  For a very small fee a local architect  could have suggested many ways to expand this house that would have netted a very  real gain in property value for the same investment.  Instead we are left wondering if this is a house or a catamaran.


Mixed messages? Blame Thomas Chippendale.

January 2, 2012

I am not sure which ancient architect first put the urn in a broken pediment, but without doubt Thomas Chippendale gets the credit, or blame as the case my be, for its propogation.  And I am quite sure that he would jump out of his grave, only to die again laughing if he could see how absurdly the form has been used.

Did this Alexandria dry cleaner think that using a historical reference would better connect him with his Old Town location, strange considering the place is called “Suburban Drive In…”   More likely his wife just liked cozy colonial houses.  Or could it be that he understood the form is so familiar that it becomes a sign in itself.  Not likely in light of the existing sign.  Either way, there are a lot of mixed messages going on here.

Any retail architect could tell this shop keeper that he is missing an opportunity to promote his business by making  the modern style of the building work with an equally modern and  highly recognizable sign, which next to television, is the best advertising out there.