Shades of Modern

August 29, 2012

I find it interesting that readers are reluctant to publicly share their thoughts in the comments section of this blog, choosing instead to send me emails.  I was told in one such note that I should make more of an effort to explain my ideas to those wanting to improve things but not artistically trained or astute enough to know how.  My position has been, hire and architect.  Problem solved.  I have, nevertheless, taken the comment to heart and hope, going forward, to show more fully how improvements might be made, starting with the two modern houses here.

Modern House, Randallstown, MD, MLS/Web ID: BC7755382

Even an untrained eye can tell that the house above is not quite right.  Built in 2005, the water stains under the windows, the vinyl siding, the off the shelf colonial garage door and brick wall combine in a way that makes the place look more like a homemade remodel than a fairly new modern style house.  The lesson is that materials matter.

Modern Style House, Austin, TX

By adding a bit of wood the same horizontal siding looks better on this house.  Imagine the improvement had the pink bump out and garage door on the house in the photo above been wood and the wall and foundation matched the concrete stairs, not an expensive way of providing a huge fix.

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