Architecture, like possession, is equal to nine tenths of the law.

August 20, 2012

Earth Awards Competion Entry, House made from recycled shipping pallets by I-Beam Architecture & Design

The Earth Awards is a competition aiming to inspire designers of every ilk to work out market based solutions to the worlds environmental problems.  It brings to mind the 2007 documentary “Penny Revolution” which follows lenders making micro loans to help those living in poverty start business.  The goals are noble and there have been some pretty amazing entries. The 2010 Grand Prize Winner was a manufactured photosynthetic foam that does not rely on the earths resources for production and results in high carbon capture and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.  There are different categories.  The “Pallet House” project here was a “Built Environment” entry made from ubiquitous and almost free recycled shipping pallets.  It can be put together with hand tools and there are kit type instructions to boot.  If you were stuck in a transient camp waiting for a new home in distant lands, would you rather live in the little designer house or a box?  At the risk of being cynical, I would not be surprised if there were many preferring the box.

Home made house near Juarez, Mexico

Reality is a complex thing, and in my experience most people prefer their own to a romanticized vision drummed up by distant luminaries. Offered a chance to buy the little designer house, a potential resident is likely to check out how it is assembled and then build his own new improved version from found and free materials.  Proud, indeed,  is the owner of a real “Pallet House” like the one you see.  In this case architecture, like possession, is equal to nine tenths of the law.

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