More Points of Architecture.

July 27, 2012

Japanese House by Naf Architect and Design Inc., Tokyo

Suburban New Jersey House

These two examples, though geographically and culturally far apart, may have more in common than would first appear.  If considered independently, they each look “weird.”  In context we see a highly designed Japanese house (top) set on an urban infill lot, and a home made remodel job (bottom) in a New Jersey suburb, both standing out by dint of contrast with their surroundings;  resulting mainly  from the strong visual statement made by another example of the here often discussed pointed roof. Then imagine the New Jersey house without the gable and the arched windows.  Does it start to appear a bit cool, more like its Japanese counterpart?  Now think what would happen if they were switched;  if we send the Japanese house to the suburban location or vise versa?  This scenario actually showed up in a previous post as well.

Finally, consider the houses as they appear in the photos here?  Does not the NJ house start to look a little less strange?  Clearly setting them next to each other here has a moderating affect, demonstrating the point, sorry for the pun, of this discussion which must be the importance of context.  Extremes in architecture are not easy to pull off.  They often show up in high design and high design “wana a bees.”  The difference between them is often contextual.

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