Not “Belmont Mansion” but definitely somone’s castle.

May 25, 2012

After the last post – and considering that this blog is about real people – I thought that it might be a good time for a dose of reality.  This project is now under way in my office;  not exactly the Belmont Mansion, but definitely someone’s castle.  The problem started when painters, hired to do the entire house, neglected the front porch saying the structure was unsafe and not worth painting.  The home owner, being far away, not wanting to spend a fortune, and not knowing whether to repair, or replace came to me for help.

Many thanks to Gilberto Moldanado, a master at fixing old houses on a budget. There will be updates as the project goes forward, in the meantime, if you are really that interested you can take at the look at the construction drawings here:  Porch


One comment

  1. As 1/2 of the ‘far away’ Owner, I’d like to give a loud, loud shout-out to our Architect! She’s an amazing woman, and her work on our 1860s “Castle” 4-plex saved us so much angst on this job. She dealt with the City with all the detailed drawings and permits, and suggested we use Gilberto, who is also a gifted resource for our old homes in Tremont. We will definitely be calling on both Bridget and Gilberto in the future.

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