Which came first, McDonald’s or “McMansions?”

May 20, 2012

Belmont Mansion, Order of the Eastern Star Headquarters, Washington DC

Long before anyone ever heard of McDonald’s there were “McMansions,” and it might be a good idea to tour one such place before tending too much  towards criticism.  It soon becomes apparent that today’s McMansion could be tomorrow’s historic place.  The Palatial Belmont Mansion and current home of the Order of the Eastern Star, in Washington, DC is such a place.  Built by a Washington dignitary to host lavish parties used to wheedle his way back in to society after a scandalous marriage, the Beaux-Arts style mansion was completed in 1909 and is now considered a high example of Washington’s turn of the century domestic architecture.


One comment

  1. And a truly interesting place D.C. is. I have long turned my head from the marble buildings to the far more interesting houses.

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