“Points” of architecture.

May 4, 2012

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A skillion roof, also known as a half gable or free standing shed, presents an extremely strong visual form.  It points, including everything that implies.  Actually, there are some real technical reasons for its use, i.e., snow removal, cost savings, which almost never outweigh the visual consequences.  When they show up in working class sections of historic towns, as in the first few examples in the slide show, practicality has clearly prevailed.  By some stylistic accident of modernism, the form reappears just as some of these old towns are expanding.  Design neophytes quickly relate the profile of the old and the new without also demonstrating the sophistication required for its use.  Any architect can tell you that the successful use of skillion roofs can be most often found in highly designed modern or modern style building and/or utilitarian applications.

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