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Give me shelter.

April 26, 2012

The art of shelter.


Homeowner held hostage by front porch.

April 20, 2012

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No doubt about it,  these old porches are captivating in every sense of the word.  Just ask any home owner held hostage by the amount if maintenance and repair they require.  Looks like this guy mounted a heavy defense with a cement truck.  Only frustration could caused such a laps in design judgement.  He almost got away with it too.  The 1950’s railing at the stair  made me look closer and ask; are the columns a little too tall and slender, is that the main supporting beam in the basement showing in the foundation, did somebody rip the old porch off and pour a slab in its place?  Yup!

For a less drastic way of dealing with an old porch, call an architect.  They really do know how to design a lifetime renovation job.



April 6, 2012

I am an architect and real people don’t hire architects………?  Of course I do get hired.  It is just a hunch.  I am also a medium everyday person who might show up in a grocery, car wash or library anywhere on the planet, in short, a real person.  I have pondered the title question to the point of starting this blog.  Historically an architect is someone, as am I, who designs and builds physical things.  Today our world is full to bursting with buildings of every sort, yet the main architects in evidence are designing computer systems or political strategies.  Have real architects gone into hiding?

As an architect and principal of Gaddis Architect, I am perplexed and often surprised, not only by how my profession is perceived by the non architectural public, but also by how little is generally understood about what we really do.  I have started this blog to demonstrate what real everyday architects bring to a project;  how their contribution adds extraordinary value for very often little cost, and why their employment is vital.  Please scroll on, comment, and contact me anytime.


Whatever happened to “complexity?”

April 4, 2012

This house could have been the inspiration for “Complexity and Contradiction.”  It defies stylistic, aesthetic,  labeling  and appears, intellectually speaking, almost humorous.  It challenges the “cool” of  even the most cynical design critic.  Maybe a new owner will appreciate its architectural virtues?  The real estate person certainly did not.  They never responded to my request so I had to take this photo myself.