Avant-garde or awkward?

March 19, 2012

MLS/Web ID:2913162

It is no secret that manufactures of mobile homes have, historically, tried to imitate the way real suburban houses look.  In this case,  it appears things have come full circle and the house is actually imitating a mobile home.  When  home owners, or builders try to make a design statement it is probably a good idea to consult with an architect first lest they cross the very fine line between avant-garde and awkward.  On the plus side, it would be really easy to remove the fence extension, thereby rendering this a regular everyday house – probably worth it too, because the rest of the house is really clean.



  1. Very entertaining post. I feel as if you stole my thunder. It’s amazing how poorly things can be done. As an architect I offered free advise to people in attempt to avoid houses like this but if they live in house like this there is a reason for it.

  2. For far too long the public taste has been formulated by builders, developers, and amateurs, while architects who are design experts by training, inclination and effort are relegated to the ” domaine de la hauteur.” It is especially nice to hear from a “comrade in arms.”

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