A peep show.

January 25, 2012

photo courtesy of David Gruol Photography

My first intro to a burger chute may have been in  a Howard Johnsons restaurant which was next to a bowling alley where my dad was on a league.  The view from the counter, where I usually found myself was of  a hand attached to a hairy arm,  presumably attached to the dirty apron in front of some stainless kitchen equipment.  The infrared heat lamps mounted in the top of the chute cast a glow from the opening and the limited view made  the scene slightly indecent, like a peep show.

Many home owners, this one included, do not understand that hamburger chutes are all about what they hide and have nothing whatsoever to do with what they show.  If, as I suspect, the goal here was an open concept, then the counter top would drop, the cabinets would go, and so would what was left of the wall.  Any architect could tell you that compromise in design usually means a thing is either in or out, never both.



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