“Second Empire Victorian”………… Revival?

January 17, 2012

Photo © Ken Zirkel/iStockphoto

Victorian architecture might be thought of as historical revival on a micro level.  It is like the whole history of architecture book exploded into pieces only to be reassembled by 19th century architects according to the sensibilities of the day.  Technically the above house is a text book example of  Second Empire Victorian or the Mansard style.  The influence of such buildings can be found across the US and many are points of interest to sight seers and old house buffs alike.

MLS/Web ID: 2419492

So if the first house is Second Empire Victorian, then what is this?  Is there such a thing as Second Empire Victorian Revival?  If so by whom was it revived?  Was it an architect, a builder, a developer?  Probably not the former, since it is unlikely that an architect would have lost the second floor, or at least the second floor windows,  and drastically changed the shape of the elevation from tall and narrow to short and wide.


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