“Welcome to my garage.”

December 23, 2011

MLS/Web ID: 2872829

Why hire an architect when it is so easy to just copy their ideas.   Somewhere around 1950 some pseudo modernist decide that if Frank Lloyd Wright could attach a garage to a house, then it  must be a good idea.  Just think of the convenience!  Straight from the car to the house with the groceries and all that.  Pretty soon very “un-Frank Lloyd Wright” city planners figured it into their formula for lot coverage.  So if the garage was actually detached and located in the back yard, there was only enough net area left over to build a very tiny, usually 2 story house because the long driveway was included in the lot coverage calculation.  Although recently new construction has moved away from this practice, the damage is already done.  We see entire neighborhoods of “welcome to my garage.”

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