Silly or sweet?

December 14, 2011

And speaking of vernacular, this would otherwise be a modest but appealing and cared for little  cottage.  Instead,  it has been made into an out of scale cartoon of mixed styles and materials  by some well intentioned property owner with no thought of architects or the services they offer.  A half hour meeting with a local architect might have turned this little house from silly to sweet.


  1. Vernacular architecture can be roughly defined as any construction built without the use of an architect, which as it happens, is most of the building in the world. Historically American architects have been employed by businesses, developers, the rich and those who want to be rich. Yet the sophistication of the general population is rising along with the number and complexity of home building products on the market. Many are the architects jumping into and improving the vernacular environment.

  2. I quite agree. The doorway has to go. It is a fine looking doorway, but it doesn’t belong here, nor would it work on my Craftsman foursquare. Stick it on a Georgian and quite a few other styles and it would be fine.

    I do like the stone they used. It is definitely a step above your standard modular home.

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