Unintended consequences.

November 10, 2011

If  real people actually hired architects for small projects like this one, home owners could avoid the unintended consequences of otherwise nice design ideas.  In one quick installation this home owner gained a fireplace and lost all of the curb appeal.  Not a great trade.

For most architects, there is literally a one paragraph solution.  Screen the flue to match the house.  Change the roof  shingles to something clean and more interesting.  Remove the storm door, paint the door a bright color, and add some landscaping.



  1. This house was on the market for some two years before anyone ventured inside and found the nicely remodeled interior.

  2. Yes, but this is a practical man trying to save some money, thus the stove. I don’t think you will get him to abandon his storm door. Still, that flue is a sore thumb. I was lucky with my house. It was made for a coal furnace, so when I added my wood furnace all I had to do was drop a liner into it.

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